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You have a choice when it comes to having your chimney serviced! It’s your safety at stake! You deserve to have a competent, chimney professional who has proven by independent, professional level examination that they possess the knowledge and have committed to the character issues you expect from a Certified Chimney Professional®.

This is what Certified Chimney Professionals® is all about. Thru education and character, our goal as Certified Chimney Professionals® is that we want to burn less houses down and kill less people. This included your home and you!

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Check out the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) page and our About Us page and our Chimney Inspections page. After you do – you will be sure to want a Certified Chimney Professional®, a Certified Chimney Reliner®, or a Certified Master Chimney Technician® to be the ones to service your chimney needs!

How do you find a Certified Chimney Professional® in your area? Just go to our home page at www.CertifiedChimneyProfessionals.com and locate the search button near the top of the page. Type in your zip code and hopefully you will find a Certified Chimney Professional® in your area!

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