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In the “old days”, the average homeowner, home inspector, and even chimney sweep inspected a chimney and only looked at 2 items:  “Is the chimney flue open?” and “Is it somewhat clean?”  That was it – 2 items!   Sadly, many homeowners and even worse, many sweeps still believe this nonsense and are living in the 1700’s.

The fact is that when you hire a Certified Chimney Professional®, they will have been trained on the NFPA 211 and the levels of inspection which are required to be performed as part of any chimney sweeping, relining or repair.

What is the NFPA 211?  Great question.   The NFPA 211 (Standard for Chimneys, Fireplaces, Vents, and Solid Fuel-Burning Appliances) is the national standard and as such, the NFPA 211 is the minimum safety standard which every sweep should abide by, and meet the requirements of, at every service performed on every chimney and for any client.

In the NFPA 211, there are 3 levels of inspection which are required for different services or situations.

Level 1 – Required at every chimney sweeping.  There are 33 items listed in the NFPA 211 annex which must be inspected at every chimney sweeping.  Gone are the days of looking for only 2 things!  Sadly, many non-certified sweeps have not even heard of the requirements!  NOTE:  We are so glad you are educating yourself by reading this material!

Level 2 – If a property is involved in a real estate transaction or an appliance is being changed, or a chimney flue relined, or if when performing a Level 1 inspection a sweep notes that further inspection is warranted, a Level 2 inspection is required.   This includes Level 2 inspecting all the flues in a chimney, even if only one is suspect or being serviced.   To perform a Level 2 inspection, a level 1 inspection must be performed, and then a Level 2 must be performed.  There are an additional 33 items listed in the NFPA 211 annex which must be performed as part of a Level 2 inspection, and a video inspection is a requirement!

Level 3 –  A level 3 inspection must be done when during the course of a Level 2 inspection, further inspection is required in concealed areas;  areas where destruction of property is required to properly inspect a chimney structure.  For example: Removing part of a wall might be required to properly inspect a chimney…  Level 3 inspections include concealed areas of the chimney suspected of damage or malfunction.  There are an additional 17 items listed in the NFPA 211 annex which must be performed as part of a Level 3 inspection.

For a complete list of the required items we suggest you speak to your local Certified Chimney Professional®.

There is a reason to use a Certified Chimney Professional® and the difference is ensuring your chimney meets the minimum safety requirements and is suitable for continued use.

Our goal as Certified Chimney Professionals®?  We want to burn less houses down and kill less people.  This included your home and you!

As a Certified Chimney Professional® performs the required level of inspection at your home, you can take an extra breath of confidence knowing that your home will be safer, meeting the minimum safety standards and that your chimney is suitable for continued use!

How do you find a Certified Chimney Professional® in your area?  Just go to our home page at www.CertifiedChimneyProfessionals.com and locate the search button near the top of the page.  Type in your zip code and hopefully you will find a Certified Chimney Professional® in your area!


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