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About Us – Homeowner

At Certified Chimney Professionals® we DO NOT do any chimney sweeping, work or repair!

Instead, Certified Chimney Professionals® is a group: “By Sweeps…For Sweeps” which issues testing and certification for chimney professionals.

Organized to meet the needs of chimney professionals across the USA, Certified Chimney Professionals® is an educational group which currently offers three certification programs for chimney professionals who wish to:

  1. Further their education in the field of chimney safety, inspection, cleaning, use, & repair
  2. Prove from an unbiased perspective their expertise by passing professional level testing and achieving certification as that of a Certified Chimney Professional® or as a Certified Chimney Reliner®.  And where fitting, earn and qualify for the Certified Master Chimney Technician® designation.
  3. Work with a nationally recognized chimney certification organization who understands the needs of chimney sweeps and homeowners from a firsthand perspective. As we say: “By Sweeps…For Sweeps.”

What we do is to train/certify sweeps nationwide on the latest tools, techniques, methods and knowledge regarding the chimney industry, chimney inspections, chimney sweeping and repair.  When a sweep has gone thru our materials and passed their professional level testing, we issue one of 3 certifications:

Certified Chimney Professional®

Certified Chimney Reliner®, or,

Certified Master Chimney Technician®


Use a Certified Chimney Professional®

There is a reason for you as a homeowner to use a Certified Chimney Professional® and the difference is ensuring the chimney(s) in any home you sell meets the minimum safety requirements and is suitable for continued use!

Our goal as Certified Chimney Professionals®?  We want to burn less houses down and kill less people.  This includes your home and you!  Therefore:

We encourage all homeowners to use a Certified Chimney Professional® in your area.

How do you find a Certified Chimney Professional® in your area?  Just go to our home page at www.CertifiedChimneyProfessionals.com and locate the search button near the top of the page.  Type in your zip code and hopefully you will find a Certified Chimney Professional® in your area!




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